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So just to recap, you’re getting instant access to this free Book, The "Three Keys To Become A Successful Leader" then access to schedule a one on one zoom call, that will help you create your best life (including How to allow the most genuine version of YOU or your product and service to create streams of income)... which means you can finally stop struggling with not knowing where to start or who you can trust.

Just fill out the form, let me know your email address, and I’ll send it out instantly. Then we can schedule your one on one coaching call via zoom. 

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  ---How To Strategize Your Future Without The Fear Of Not Knowing Where To Start--- Nate's Story...👇🏻

"Business Mindset Mastermind"

All needs, plans and personal desires are different. Therefore we treat every potential partner individually. We meet, connect and strategize a plan. 

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What Will Be Covered In The Meeting

  Hear Your Story, find out who YOU are. (Branding)
 Identify Your Need,  Ideal Customer, Find your WHO! (copyright)
 Create for YOU a plan to provide value to your audience. VALUE
  Set up execution plan, using definitive deliverables. Identify Your WHY!
  The importance of physical self discipline. Your body must be able to keep up with your plan. 
 The power of knowledge. Creating habits like reading, listening, eating, daily water intake, excercise, income producing activity, and whatever fits your execution plan. Longevity is the goal not get rich quick programs...
 Technology and what is available to us, to help us create what we desire to create. 
 Hopefully the start of a new friendship. I am very open to what I can and cannot do. What I cannot do I have been able to put smart people's numbers in my phone to help us along. 
 Decide if we need to schedule another zoom meeting or not. I can either help or I can't. Let us chat about it, see where it goes...

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About Nathan G Johnson, Me

Nathan G Johnson is originally from Portland Oregon, but now resides in the Carolinas with his wife and kids. 

He is the author of the book "Three Keys To Become A Successful Leader." He has taught and led many in Ministry, Manufacturing and Business. 
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Nobody else in the industry takes the one on one time to strategize a plan to fit your personal needs and lifestyle desires like we do. Here, you are not just a number, we are family. 
  • ​You are in pursuit for yourself, but here, not by yourself
  • ​Ongoing coaching, support and encouragement
  • ​Finally create the life you have always wanted and the time to spend it with people that you want to share it with. 
  • ​Who else sends people on vacation to celebrate you taking control of your life? 
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More About Nathan And Michelle Johnson

Nathan and Michelle

Nathan and Michelle Johnson are Entrepreneurs that help sharp and ambitious people create a better life. They have had the opportunity to be mentored and coached by some very successful business men and woman locally and are willing to share some concepts that made sense to them to create extra income. 


When it comes to leadership, Nathan and Michelle live by one driving principle: You can’t lead others to places you aren’t going yourself. A self-sacrificial heart to serve others is critical for purposeful and effective servant leadership.

Self Development

These three components – philanthropy, leadership, and travel – have all come together as opportunities to work on themselves and each other. A strong foundation for success begins with personal development. Nathan and Michelle have learned that self development isn’t magic – it only works if you do too.


Being a good person is about more than just unconsciously giving to charity. Nathan and Michelle believe that in all things, integrity and character play central roles. Changing the world begins with changing communities, and changing communities begins with a strong desire to promote the welfare of our neighbors.

Nathan G Johnson

Nathan Johnson was born north of Seattle, Washington and raised outside Portland, Oregon and in his early thirties he moved to Charlotte, North Carolina. Nathan's father was an inventor in the sawmill industry and was very successful. He made millions. Nathan was in pursuit to take over the family business after his fathers death but realized life had more to offer than just money. He wanted lifestyle, impact and to leave a legacy. As he walked away from the family business he ran into one of the most important business leadership and development teams of his life. One late November day, Nathan met the person who would be his mentor, and the person who would help Nathan begin the process of financial independence and control.

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